April 2012 Entries

T-SQL usage: prefer Table Type over CTE (Common Table Expression)

I came to the CTE world late (the same time I learned MERGE), but I've been using it here and there. I love Table Type; the introduction of that changed the way we write our .NET app and BizTalk app, and in some way level the playing field of all these technologies against SSIS.But through my many recent round of building database, data warehouse, data marts, I find my self migrating away from using table type and views, partly because it just seemed like such a hassle to maintain a separate object ......

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Using Recursive SQL and XML trick to PIVOT(OK, concat) a "Document Folder Structure Relationship" table, works like MySQL GROUP_CONCAT

I'm in the process of building out a Data Warehouse and encountered this issue along the way.In the environment, there is a table that stores all the folders with the individual level. For example, if a document is created here:{App Path}\Level 1\Level 2\Level 3\{document}, then the DocumentFolder table would look like this:IDID_ParentFolderName1... 121Level 232Level 3To my understanding, the table was built so that:Each proposal can have multiple documents stored at various locationsDifferent ......

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