Liking my Zune player more and more everyday. HAHAHA

This is me on the latest gadget, I just don't get them.  First, there is certain price factor attached to them that unless they are proportional to the hype and my want, I won't even look at them until years later I see them at 50% of the original cost, then I'll look at them.

Second, I have so many things to do daily that I almost never get to purchase something on the day I see them.  The result is after a night's sleep, I decided I don't really need them so I'll wait until they are reasonably priced.  And my reasoning almost always results in that I don't really need a lot of things in life.

That said, I got the Zune player second hand to now be able to listen to podcast in my commute, and that has been such a difference maker in my learning that I wish I had purchased it sooner.  Today I decided to play around with the desktop Zune media player, and discovered that I can have a video version of the podcast playing in a really tiny screen while I work.  Man, I wish I had discovered these sooner.

Next up on my list: iPhone and Windows 8.  Windows 8 because I found out Hyper-V is built in so that I can migrate all my virtual environment to 64-bit (didn't really want to run server version software everywhere in the house).

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