Virtual PC VHD resize

This just shows I'm not an infrastructure specialist.  I was very proud when I hooked up my old Intel Core 2 Quad computer with 4 SATA drives, then put up my 2 virtual machines with 3 VHD using 3 separate drives.  The performance was OK, but then my drives started dying and I had to start moving VHD back to the OS drive.  The performance quickly deteriorated.  As a rule, all my virtual machines have undo-disk turned on, and I decided having 6 files running at the same time (3 to read and 3 to read/write) is insane for my hard drive to keep up, so I found a VHD resizer to put everything back into one.  The first one was done last night and it now runs much better.  Hopefully the second one will be done tonight and perform just as well.

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