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Specifies where and how to generate your application’s SQL.

Option Inline:

Build the application using inline SQL statements.  The SQL is placed in the Data Access Layer’s generated code.  Inline SQL generation, also called “dynamic SQL” is frequently used when your application must connect to a database that does not support stored procedures.

Option Stored procedures:

(Enterprise Edition feature.)  Build the application’s SQL in database-stored procedures.  The stored procedures are automatically loaded into your database.  Stored procedures are frequently the best choice when overall performance is important, because stored procedures generally execute faster than inline SQL.

Can’t generate stored procedures in all cases

Sometimes we may not be able to generate stored procedures in all cases, even though you have selected this option.  In these cases,  we will generate inline SQL.  For example, we cannot generate stored procedures for Microsoft Access databases, a database product which does not support stored procedures.  Also, we designer will not generate stored procedures in cases where it detects your database access credentials do not have sufficient permissions to load stored procedures into the database or execute them once there.

Other reasons why we can’t generate stored procedures include:

·         You are running SQL Professional Edition.  Only  Enterprise Edition can generate stored procedures.  If you have been switching your development activities between the Professional Edition and Enterprise Editions, you may incorrectly believe that Professional Edition can generate stored procedures.

·         Your database is “read only”.  Check your database permissions to see if any setting has changed to make it read-only, which means stored procedures will not be generated.

·         Your database tables or views are missing primary keys or Virtual Primary Keys.  Check if the changes made to your database views render them capable of having stored procedures generated.  For example, a view without a Virtual Primary Key cannot have an Update stored procedure generated.  (Virtual Primary Keys are an Enterprise Edition feature.)

·         The Stored Procedures option is set to 'true' in the .config file.



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