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I have not programming in a while, and I have forgotten some of the concept and definition of terminology.  Until I was being asked, they took me a while before they snapped back in my brain :-)

Custom Attribute?
For example: How I create a Custom attribute?


From what I remember the primary step to properly design custom attribute classes  follows:


Applying the AttributeUsageAttribute([AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.All, Inherited=false, AllowMutiple=true)])


a)     Declaring the attribute.  (Class public class MyAttribute: System. Attribute {//...}


b)     Declaring constructors (Public  MyAttribute(bool  myvalue){this.myvalue= myvalue;})


c)     Declaring properties


Public bool MyProperty


get {return this myvalue;}

Set {this.myvalue = value;}




The following is the sample demonstrates the basic way of using reflection to get access to custom attributes:


 Class MainClass


public static void Main()


 System.Reflection.MemberInfo info = typeof(myclass);

 object [] attributes  =  info.getcustomAttributes( );

 for  (int  i = 0  ;  i  <  attributes. Length;  i ++)


System.Console.Writeline(attributes  [ i ] ;




Static constructor
If I were asked that different type constructor and instance constructor. then I will flick to


What is static constructor, when it will be fired?


How to use it Instance constructor is executed when a new instance of type is created and the class instructor is executed after the type is loaded and before one of the type members is accessed. ( it will get executed only 1st time, when we call any static methods/fields in the same class) Class constructor is used for static field initialization.


Only one class constructor per type is permitted, and it cannot use the variable argument calling convention


A static constructor is used to initialize a class.  


It is called automatically to initialize the class before the first instance created or any static members are referenced.

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