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June 2012 Entries

A bit of a revelation this evening. I discovered something obvious, but missing from my understanding of the brilliant iOS example that ships with the Sync. Framework 4.0CTP It seems that on the server side if a record is edited, correctly only the fields that are modified gets sent down to your device (in my case an iPad). I was previously just blindly assuming that I'd get all fields down. I modified my Xcode population code (based on iOS sample) as follows: + (void)populateQCItems: (id)dict withMetadata:(id)metadata ......

Ongoing project idea. So this is of long running personal interest to build a Mobile App that shows you a push notification/pop up alert, when anyone calls your house phone. So I've taken delivery of a Raspberry Pi. I've ordered a new Crucible Technology Caller ID Box. (arriving soon). I have been writing/learning Python to implement the Listener software. This will in turn push xml messages up to Azure for final delivery via push notifications to an App. iOS app already written to receive the notifications/allow ......