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It is hard to really get a grasp of how much control you are given in Sharepoint. Microsoft touts its easy to use web UI and webparts for the end user, but this is just the icing on the cake. It is the ingredients that make it special. Many of those ingredients are exposed in different ways in Sharepoint. There are features, event handlers, web services, and enough XML to make your head explode. These are the parts that make it an exciting development platform.

I was able to get an amazing look at Sharepoint and the many aspects of Sharepoint development and customization in a one day live meeting. So after a full day of Web part development, CSS, features, event handlers, master pages, themes, Silverlight, BDC, and custom content types from the "Sharepoint in Web 2.0 Firestarter" event, I am excited to really dive deep into some Sharepoint development.

I highly encourage anyone interested in Sharepoint development to catch a Firestarter event or webcast when available. Then visit and find your inspiration.

With my new found inspiration I plan to share my experience as I travel the path of the Sharepoint Developer.

Check back for a better look at the true power of Sharepoint. 


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