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So,  You've downloaded a video (screencast for example) and you can't hear a thing and you're running Vista?  You know that your "setup" is correct because you can play music.  You know that the video contains audio because you can see the oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer jump.  Yet, there's no sound.

If you look at the audio codec (file -> properties), it will probably say that the audio is something "mono"...

I bet you have a fancy 8 channel audio card with rear panel: front, rear, side, sub/center, line in, line out and front panel: mic, headphones.

I also bet you have either earphones or left/right speakers in the "front jacks" of the "rear panel".

Well....  depending on your audio card drivers, make sure to specify that you're setup is a "Stereo Audio Channel" and not a "Quadraphonic" or "5.1 Surround" !

Right click the Volume icon from the system tray (or Control Panel -> Classic View ->  Sound):

In the playback tab, you'll see a list of playback devices.  If there's only "speakers", chances are that you need to update the audio card device drivers (check your manufacturer).

If your default (green checkbox) is "Speakers", click configure and make sure that the "audio channel" is set to stereo:

A trick, to see what "playback device" is currently used by the audio/video program is running, press play on the audio/video program (winamp, windows media player, etc.), the selected playback device will have the sound level progress bar moving.

Of course, your setup (and/or problem) will be probably quite different from mine.  My computer is using an onboard RealTek audio card and I had to update my driver since I had a very old driver and couldn't do anything above with the old drivers.

It's "probably" not a codec issue, but a configuration issue.

Good luck...  don't pest. Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3:19 PM | Back to top

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