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When creating a new SCSF project, the "solution recipe" does a great job creating the basis, but there's a few things you need to know/adjust.  Since creating SCSF solutions/projects isn't an activity we do on a day-to-day basis, we tend to forget these quirks.

The name you give your "solution" will be used in the assembly name (the output dll) and the namespace of the projects.  So the Infrastructure.Interface will have an assembly name "MySolution.Infrastructure.Interface.dll", and the namespace will be MySolution.Infrastructure.Interface.  The same will be for the MySolution.Infrastructure.Library, MySolution.Infrastructure.Module, MySolution.Infrastructure.Shell and MySolution.Infrastructure.Layout.

The problem is that the ProfileCatalog.xml is generated with assembly names without the "MySolution" prefix.  So, starting the solution will return a "ModuleLoadException was unhandled" error.

Don't change the values from the ProfileCatalog.xml.  Instead, change the AssemblyName to a dll name without the "MySolution" prefix, because...

When you later create a "business/fundation" project, the recipes like "Add View (with Presenter)" are expecting projects that reference the "Infrastructure.Interface.Dll"  If there's a prefix like "MySolution.Infrastructure.Interface.dll" the recipe/package won't be enabled.


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On trying to enable some of my projects before, I saw that I kept this "can`t enable" message on and on. So this was the answer. I was pointing out some wrong reference, which is why it didn`t work. I glad to have cleared it all out now. Indeed, SCSF solutions can turn out quite moody sometimes when you don`t exactly hold the key for them.
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