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If you are a Windows Phone enthusiast, or really into the Windows 8 platform that is coming soon, then I ask you to consider sunny Baton Rouge, Louisiana as your vacation spot this coming August 4 for SQL Saturday And Tech Day.  I know what you’re thinking:

“Paul…  Isn’t this a SQL event?”

Laws yes, it is a SQL event, however we’ve secretly taken this SQL event to our secret underground cool-ification bunker (and dinosaur exhibit) and injected it with AWESOME and bombarded it with large amounts of COFFEE and GAMMA RAYS.



This SQL Saturday is a veritable cornucopia of tech smashed into a facility and secretly hidden beneath the banner “SQL.”  You will join many individuals from all levels of the professions for an exciting all day technology festival.  Last year, the total headcount was about 400 people!  I don’t want to spoil it, but several local industry leaders will be there.  Several people who have been to places like Redmond, WA. and Disney World.  And if you’re lucky, when the sun hits the horizon at precisely the right angle, and you get the Delorean up to 88 MPH (142 KPH )…  you will see the fabled Microsoft MVP.  Heck…  Maybe TWO!

“Ok, you caught my interest.  However, what if I don’t care for SQL?”

If you ask a DBA, he’ll tell you nobody’s perfect.  But be not dismayed!  There are plenty of other great technologies to behold, such as Sharepoint, the .NET Framework, and Windows Phone!

“Windows Phone?  I LOVE Windows Phone!  I spoke about Windows Phone last week!”

That’s great!  Because we are looking for speakers fluent in Windows Phone development practices. 

“Windows 8?  I LOVE Windows 8!  I spoke about Windows 8 last week!”

That’s great!  Because we’d LOVE to have you here too!

Come be a part of the magic, the mystery!  The learning!  Working towards an MVP?  By golly, we can give you such street cred that even the fabled Scott Guthrie, or the infamous Scott Hanselman, or that guy Scott who works at the Circle K will turn their head to the 4th wall and say “Who’s that you say?”


Sign up today by registering at the SQL Saturday #150 site!

Also, should you be considering that warm, tropical locale during the month, we'd love to have you come speak at our Windows Phone User Group!  Now with more Metro!

Sign up for BRWPUG speaking HERE!



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