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Oliver Ogg
Oliver Ogg, occasional salsa dancer, blogged the other day about a problem he was having installing MSMQ.

The root cause was an invalid registry entry for the Event Log Service. MSMQ needed to write an event during setup but would fail as this service was not working. Once the Event Log service was fixed, MSMQ would install successfully.

The problem was specifically the ServiceDll registry value referring to an empty string so the event log service could not find the service DLL file to start up with. Deleting the Parameters branch resolved the problem.

Registry value

    • SYSTEM
      • CurrentControlSet
        • services
          • eventlog
            • Parameters
              • ServiceDll


  • Oliver’s blog post
  • Chris Chen’s forum post with solution
  • Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 8:57 PM | Back to top

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