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June 2013 Entries

DataCash @ Hackathon
Back in May, DataCash was a sponsor for one of the biggest networking events for payments developers – Trans-hacktion. The 3-day Hackathon, organised by Birdback, was focused on the latest innovations in the payments and financial technology and held at the London Google Campus. The event included demos from DataCash and other payments companies followed by hacking sessions. Teams had to hack a product that used partner APIs and present the hack in 3 minutes on the final day. The prizes up for grabs ......

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Keep your Root Authorities up to date
By default, Windows will automatically update it’s internal list of trusted root authorities as long as the Update Root Certificates function is installed. This should be enabled by default and takes manual intervention to remove it. With this component enabled, the following happens: If you are presented with a certificate issued by an untrusted root authority, your computer will contact the Windows Update Web site to see if Microsoft has added the CA to its list of trusted authorities. If it has ......

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