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I thought “Print Screen” did just that

Just had an Adobe update install unwanted applications - Google Chrome and a browser toolbar. Irritating, I know, especially as it means I missed the sneakily hidden opt-out tick box. This just reinforces the knowledge that I could never work in marketing as it would mean discarding my moral code.

But I digress.

I took some screenshots to compose a vitriolic Tweet around and noticed that something weird was going on with the clipboard.

Here’s what the screen looked like to my eyes (or to my SmartPhone):


Here’s what went into the clipboard after I pressed the Print Scrn button on the keyboard:


Where have the tail and the black outline to the box gone?

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# re: I thought “Print Screen” did just that

Probably it got handed the DC of the window with the text in and the border and tail were drawn on with some hokey repaint hijacking and not part of that DC. So, what was on screen in the parent window and what the parent window looked like were different.
1/20/2014 12:24 PM | Mark
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