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Today, the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions were released.  You can now download them here.  Now people can have the opportunity to do a tech preview on a lot of cool things coming to ASP.NET including of course MVC.

Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman also mention this on their blogs.  Scott Hanselman also has a 40 minute "How To" video worth watching as well.

Here is what is included in the extensions download:

ASP.NET MVC provides model-view-controller (MVC) support to the existing ASP.NET 3.5 runtime, which enables developers to more easily take advantage of this design pattern. Benefits include the ability to achieve and maintain a clear separation of concerns, as well as facilitate test driven development (TDD).

The ASP.NET MVC Toolkit provides HTML rendering helpers and dynamic data support for MVC.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data
ASP.NET Dynamic Data helps developers build a fully customizable, data-driven app quickly. It provides a rich scaffolding framework that allows rapid data driven development without writing code, yet it is easily extendible using the traditional ASP.NET programming model.

New additions to ASP.NET AJAX include support for managing browser history (Back button support).

ADO.NET Entity Framework
ADO.NET Entity Framework is a new modeling framework that enables developers to define a conceptual model of a database schema that closely aligns to a real world view of the information. Benefits include easier to understand and easier to maintain application code that is shielded from underlying database schema changes.

ADO.NET Data Services
ADO.NET Data Services provide new services that find, manipulate and deliver data over the web using simple URIs. Benefits include an easy and flexible way to access data over the web, while enabling the separation of presentation and data access code.

Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET
You can integrate the rich behavior of Microsoft Silverlight into your Web application by using two new ASP.NET server controls: a MediaPlayer server control that enables easy integration of media sources such as audio (WMA) and video (WMV) into your Web application, and a Silverlight server control that allows an ASP.NET page to reference both XAML objects and their event handlers.

Remember that I blogged that Jeffrey Palermo is now starting the MVC Contrib project.  All code submitted to this project must have full coverage NUnit tests and be submitted as a patch file compatible with Tortoise SVN.  Documentation should also be provided as well as samples.

Looking forward to it!  I've already written a few samples and running unit tests on them now.  Pretty cool stuff, but a bare bones MVC framework.  I've been playing with it for some time so I'm not sure what changed in between times.  I'll post some samples soon!

If you are interested in some Quickstarts, they have all categories available for MVC, Dynamic Data, Data Services, ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight. 

Phil Haacked has a note regarding writing unit tests for controller actions.  You must be aware that a lot of classes have class dependencies and you must not only mock the objects, but their dependencies as well.  This happens for RenderView or RedirectToAction and so on.  Read up on how to do this.

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