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As I've discussed before with my dive into functional programming and F#, there is a user group of language geeks that specialize in Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, OCaml, Erlang and so on, within the Washington DC area called FringeDCBrent Yorgey, well known in the Haskell community and contributor to XMonad, presented an introduction to Haskell and explained a bit about extending XMonad.  Fortunately for those who couldn't attend like myself due to scheduling conflicts, Conrad Barski recorded this session and posted it to Google Video.  The slides have also been made available as well here.  For those not aware of XMonad, it's a tiling window manager for X that is extensible in Haskell.  Unfortunately, the opening talk by Philip Fominykh on The Zipper, a purely functional data structure in Haskell for manipulating the location of structure instead of the data, was not recorded. 

If you want to get your language geek on, come check it out for their next informal meeting on May 10th over a beer or two.  More details on the site here.  Until next time...

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