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Directory of opensource .NET development Tools My collection of development tools is never ending I will never be able to document their applicability - I am lost in utility jungle - but I am loving it
Selecting the best tool for your job made easy :
Book Windows Developer Power Tools: Turbocharge Windows Development with More Than 140 Free and Open Source Tools

Recommendations by others

The exhaustive list
Project Management & Issue Tracking WiKi (not in .NET - python & clearsilver)

TreeSurgeon.NET (Project Development Tree for .NET)
C#<=>VB Translator
CCNetConfig (When I wanted to create one I already find it is here !! )
NMAKE :;en-us;Q132084
Web Automation Testing Tools
XSD Class Gen (wish he could share the source its a brilliant idea - no reinventing the wheel)
ADCG - Automatic Data Class Gen from XSD + XML => C# CS

WEB IDE for Javascript etc - Aptana

Favorite tools.

Other open source projects of interest on CodePlex
Litware HR
(SaaS S+S )


Interesting projects & tools at TIGRIS

abc Application Builder for C#
activitysensor Capturing developer's activities during development process
ado-mock An ADO.Net provider for mocking databases for unit testing
ankhsvn VS.NET addin for the Subversion version control system.
antelope A graphical user interface for Ant.
argosoffice Star/OpenOffice plugin for ArgoUML
argospe A Software Performance Engineering Tool
argouml A UML design tool with cognitive support
aut Advanced Unit Testing
babylon Develops AJAX based components
bamboo A set of reusable .NET components for building developer tools. (KEEP TRACK)
bugfree a lightweight and simple web-based bug tracking system
busl Beautifier for bsh/C/C++/C#/D/groovy/java/javascript/nice/os/php
cabie Continuous Automated Build and Integration Environment
cairo Cairo is an XP/agile project management system
calendardrawer A .Net library for drawing a calendar
ccmarauder CruiseControl.Net Plugin
cervantes Generic shopping cart - ecommerce application written in PHP
cfnunitbridge NUnit test runner for the compact framework
chmsubscc Lightweight Subversion SCC provider
claw Rapid development framework for PHP5
biscuitproject Ruby on Rails-based framework for PHP
binarycloud php web development platform
eden-php-editor A PHP editor with some unique, useful functions
flarframework A project developing an extensible framework written in
peach PHP5 Content Management Framework
phing PHP project build system based on Apache Ant
php-svn-client PHP extension for access to Subversion client functionality
php-xcore Enterprise php framework / sybase powerdesigner code generation
phpcreate A MySQL centric PHP script generator + simple appl. framework
phrac PHP5 written wiki and bug tracking system for software projects
servmon A php script for monitoring server status.
phruise A continuous building system for PHP5
phpprime A LGPL and complete intranet framework.
phpportalen A new, different, flexible CMS. A framework for webapplications.
phpmakeupdate Web-based intranet tool for export only modified files from SVN
phpobjects Component architecture for PHP
pinetd Simple API used to make socket based applications in PHP.
pivip Forum/Bulletin Board software, written in PHP 5 and valid XHTML
simplemyadmin This is an another php mysql adminstrator.
simplicity An MVC based PHP5 framework for rapid application development.
g1 MVC 2 framework for PHP5
spe SVN Client Library Extension for PHP
limb Limb PHP Framework
spyder A PHP Library specializing in security functions and flexibility
siusx Installation Manager for automatical Installation of PHP scripts
pub PHP Workflow system for small to medium web development teams
yawp Yawp is a single-file foundation for PHP applications.
wasp Web Application Structure for PHP
websvn PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories
wikidotphp Another PHP Wiki
publicera php5 framework for rapid development of php5 applications.
propel Object persistence and query service for PHP5
garden Dependency Injection for PHP5
geese Mini framework for PHP5
combine Combine is a Model-View-Controller for PHP5
interphace PHP Object Model and Framework for User Interface Components.
lawngnome PHP OO DB Model inspired by Django
codeblocks Open-source cross-platform IDE
commitmessage Modular, OO-based Python framework for SVN and CVS commit script
cudgets Javascript library with easy to integrate and extendable widgets
current Current is an open-source package management and deployment tool
cvs2svn CVS to Subversion Repository Converter.
cvsanaly CVS/Subversion repository analyzer
cvslib A .Net library for interacting with a CVS command line client
daffodilcrm Open Source CRM solution - Daffodil CRM
daversy An scm tool for databases
dbhelper ADO.NET access helpers
doodads The dOOdads .NET Architecture
dotcat Computer Assisted Timetabling software
dotnetopenid C# .NET implementation of Janrain's OpenID library.
emow emow - the easy manager of websites
erdms ER-DMS is a E-R model (Entity-Relationship) toolkit
ereport Create database reports in spreadsheets.
ermodeller Database designer built in Java
essence Frontend to MySQL
expergent An rete-based rules engine for the .net platform.
firebreak Continuous Intagration for simultaneous multiplatform builds
force A full featured programming environment for FORTRAN 77.
fsvs Backup/restore for subversion backends
fxcopaddin Open Source FxCop Integration for Visual Studio 2005
gef-dotnet Port of GEF library to .NET
gefnet A C# port of the GEF project
giant Graph Interface to ANT
gridshoresample A Blogging application using the springframework
historian A .Net program for displaying revision history in a project.
imagediff Visually compare (diff) 2 images through TortoiseSVN
inana C# Data Access Layer
insurrection A set of XSLT and CGIs to provide web access to Subversion
javelina an advanced code coverage tool
jcrispy Java style checker / fixer
jreq flexible project management system
jtlscriptingengine An embeddable scripting language written entirely in C#.
juxy Juxy - XSLT unit testing from Java
kamikaze-qscm An SCM query tool similar to Mozilla's tool, Bonsai.
log4javascript Javascript logging framework based on log4j
mantisbt Mantis Bug Tracker
mead A feature-rich mono-c# development environment (IDE)
miscutil A .Net library containing some helpful utility classes
mod CMU West - Managing Outsourced Development
msbuildtasks Open source tasks for MSBuild
myxaml Xml defined user interface generator
ncodestatsreport Produces Pretty Print reports for Codestats task of NAnt
netspell NetSpell is a free spell checking engine for the .net framework.
nlog NLog - A .NET Logging Library
nspec A Behaviour Specification Framework for .Net
nullbugs A bugtracking system for all types of projects.
officesvn Integration of Subversion into (MS) Office
oooooooo A simple instant messenger for lan.
openlicense A complete .NET License Manager.
openteamsystem Open Source System much like MS Team System for VS2005
osgerms Open Source Generic Entity Relationship Management System
ourbts Web based Bug Tracking System
p2pnet A p2p SDK for .net
p2psdk A p2p SDK for .net to build simple p2p Applications.
pageunit Simple web page testing facility
patcher A .Net application for interactive code reviews
plastic UML Modeling Tool
platypus page layout and typesetting system
pncseitbhu SoftwareTool for documenting design patterns
proxy-svnserver Creating a SVN proxy server for SVN
puppy Puppy is a XP team project management platform.
pylibparted Python bindings for parted's library (libparted).
pympeg-7 Python MPEG-7 library
pystructures Python implementation of tree, graph, FSM, etc.
pysvn Python SVN Extension and WorkBench GUI
qforms A JavaScript API for creating interactive HTML forms.
rainbow Opensource ASP.NET CMS, Portal Engine
raindance Raindance is an open-source tool for UML design.
rant4ant Rant is Relational ANT - is is used to build DDL and DML in data
rapidsvn Multi-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system.
rave Requirements Automation and Validation Engine
realmforge Cross-platform 3D game framework and toolset for .NET in C#
rico JavaScript library - now maintained at
scarab Artifact tracking system
scatter A distributed human-network-oriented corporate PIM
scplugin SCPlugin allows access to Subversion commands from the Finder
scriptables Javascript Form helper scripts
shock A 3D graphics engine built in C#/.NET 2.0 and Managed DirectX.
sin Continuous Integration for Subversion
soya Information and Knowledge sharing platform
spark Spark is a multi-user, multi-group calendaring environment
spinvoke SQL Server stored procedures wrapper generator for .Net
sqlserverwebconsole Web manager administration console for SQLServer
srp software for selection and recruting of corporate personel.
srtk software requirements toolkit
stencil Template Engine for C#
storyteller Automated acceptance testing for .Net
style CSS for web applications
subcommander qt based multiplatform subversion client, diff & merge tool
subissue Track issues directly in your Subversion repository.
subportal Web portal for Subversion repositories in an Apache HTTP server
subtest Framework for rapid automated testing of Command Line Interface
subtrain Open Source - Subversion Training Materials
subversion A compelling replacement for CVS
subview C#/IIS based web interface of Subversion repositories
subvstats Creates a statistics summary report of subversion repositories.
subwiki Wiki using a Subversion data repository
svn1clicksetup Set up svn with a single installer.
svn2cvs save subversion commits to cvs repository
svn4db organize svn for database development and easy deployment.
svn4office Integration of Subversion into (MS) Office
svnadmin WebApp to manage svn repositories
svnauthzdb Apache authorization database module for subversion repositories
svnbrowser web interface to Subversion repositories
svncontrol A remote administration tool for subversion servers
svnmapper SvnMapper gives you a map to navigate your subversion branches.
svnnotifier Notifies you about other people's commits to subversion
svnpkg Scripts to create packages from a subversion repository
svnscc An SCC Provider for Subversion
svnservice Runs svnserve as a Windows service (requires .NET Framework 1.1)
svnutils Utilities for Subversion
svnvb6 Subversion integration for Visual Basic 6
svnwcrev Incorporate Subversion repository information into your source
svnwebcontrol Control a Web-Project versioned with SVN via Browser.
svtmerge SVN Merge Interface with FileBrowser and contextual menu
tedia2sql Dia UML Diagram --> SQL Converter
testgen Web service test data generator
texteditor This is a open source text editor written purely in C# 2.0.
timelog A .Net application for tracking one's time
tksvn Cross-platform Subversion and CVS GUI
todo-task An ant task to help developers keep track of todo's
tortoisesvn Windows Shell Extension for Subversion
tortoisesvnscc Subversion SCC Plugin for TortoiseSVN
twysiwyg A Twiki wysiwyg editor
ubik .NET Object-Relational Persistence Framework
usvn USVN is a web interface which permit to administrate SVN servers
viewsvnserve Web frontend to the Subversion svnserve daemon.
viewvc Web-based version control repository browser
vss-subverter Convert a VSS Repository to Subversion
vss2svn Visual SourceSafe to Subversion Converter
vss2svn2 VisualSourceSafe to Subversion migration
vss2svnmigrate Migrate VSS repository to Subversion
wirexn AJAX-based application framework and development tools
wxrestedit a wxPython based ReStructuredText GUI editor
wxsvnadmin A GUI frontend for svnadmin based on wxPython
xanta Xanta .NET Language, Compiler & Tools
xap4net XmlHttp Application Plattform for the .NET Framework
xgridcsharp XGrid C# Library
xsltfilter performs Xsl transformations on the ASP.NET output stream
xstream Design and test XML and XSLT structure and process flow
yoxel Agile Product Management
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