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The last 2 months have been a whirl.   The company I'm with is busy building out our business intelligence team and I'm catching up on SQL Server 2008 internals.  We've got ETL packages in SSIS grabbing data from service providers in Excel and have been dealing with Jet / unicode issues.  Gotta love "IMEX=1" in your connection string....

So this is my first blog entry, ever.   About me:  I'm a SQL database  project manager in the Asset Management business.  The company purchases or manages pools of sub/non-performing mortgages and takes them through the loan modification default resolution process.   I've been on the technical side of residential loan origination and secondary marketing for about 10 years.  This is my first experience in loan servcing and whole loan trading.

A side project I'm working with my mother on is setting up her on-line art gallery with an store using Zen-Cart.  I recommend this system as it is totally free, open-source, and easily customized.   I'm fixing the names of the paintings and their sizes this weekend, so by next week it should be ready to go.

For my first real blog entry, I'm tempted to put up the thesis I'm writing for my "Certified Mortgage Technologist" a designation I'm earning through the Mortgage Bankers Association.  It's about some of the thornier issues in integrating electronic credit report data to loan origination systems.  I've worked in EDI for many years, and whatever amount of "standardization" we wish to achieve, is constantly challenged by individual companies' needs to differentiate themselves, or provide customized functionality (outside of standard) for strategic counterparties.  Also the dynamic that happens when one "partner" needs the relationship more than the other.

But besides that (which would only be of interest to a small set of people who do those integrations,) I have a list of interesting and sometimes subtle tech issues in SSIS and SQL Server that I can share.  In almost every case, I was not the first person to encounter or solve these issues - but sometimes a fresh take, or a different angle can be of value.

Till then, thanks to the other Geeks out there who are so generous with their time and knowledge.

- Rick Bellows


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