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OK, so my first non-intro post will not be on technology - I will post something relevant to this site but first I need to get this out of my system :)

If you know me, you know I have an addictive personality.  One of my latest addictions is this TV show Battlestar Galactica. I was given the first 3 seasons and got hooked after the first episode.  Since then, I have been developing my master theory on how this 'frakking' thing ends (this is the last season).   I revealed many aspects of my theory at the start of this season to some co-workers.  One co-worker of mine, we'll call him Mr. Pal (haha), upon hearing my latest recap, didn't recall that I had predicted some things months ago.  So I have decided for posterity and in order to strengthen my position as suffering from the Cassandra syndrome on this and other things (see Greek mythology), that I should document my master theory.  Rather than spewing one master theory that has a 100% chance of being wrong, I have decided to break it down into mini-theories where I could see a few hit the mark.  Here we go guys, no sense in watching the rest of the show now, it's all here!

Mini-theory 1 - Kara Thrace is the half cylon

Yup, you heard it here first.  The half cylon that is going to change the world... you suckers thought it was Athena's kid. There's no way they'd make it that straightforward (if anything else, it's the chief's baby but I'll get to that later).  Kara is THE half cylon, the first born from a human and cylon - at least the current Kara, I won't commit to the old Kara due to a secondary 'ovary' mini-theory I had at some point that I won't go into here.  In any event, remember when she was with her mom on her death bed in her visions and she was talking to Kara, Kara who was about to take the journey in the nebula said "How do you know I can do it?".  Her mom turned to her and whispered "Because you are my daughter..." Spooky, that was the apple that fell on Newton's head.  Kara will change the world, she will lead both races to Earth and she will be the harbinger of death - yet to see who's death...

Mini-theory 2 - The 12th and final cylon is... Helo

That's right folks.  It's going to be a big reveal at the end, while all of you are choking on your popcorn I'm going to be posting on this blog how I knew it all along! Most people expect it won't be obvious (ie. Baltar), yet it should be a pretty defined character.  Some people say to make it interesting it should be an Adama, Kara or the president.  Those *could* all be possible if the last 5 cylons are special since they are copies of actual humans (remember that Kara never met the others until her fiance's funeral, and the father son had a long stint seperated).  But I've got Helo pegged (otherwise I would be thinking Cally).  I bet when you go back to all the previous episodes, you will notice a pattern of behavior that is suspicious.  I bet the last cylon has always known he was a cylon.  Let me ask you a few questions.  Who protected the cylons from extinction from the virus? Cylon trait (or used to be): they protect their own. Who gave up his seat on the raptor (first episode) for... Baltar? Cylon trait: they love Baltar.  Who protected Athena from Kara and then from the crew, even though she was cylon? Cylon trait: they protect their own and seem to sleep around with other cylons.  Now his last performance in letting Kara go on her mission while Gaeta was losing his leg is part of some evil cylon plot.  Yeah, the one that looks to be the most "good" is usually the hidden villain.  Which means that his child with Athena is actually a full cylon, so even if mini-theory 1 fails, the first born half cylon is NOT Athena/Helo's baby, it's the chief's baby.

Mini-theory 3 - Last episode - big battle and endless time loop

Fuzziness  smears this mini-theory, but I'm connecting some dots.  This is how the last episode will go. They will find earth - both cylon and human together.  I figure Kara will find it with the humans and the cylons will have followed them with the help of the final five.  What will follow is a big battle, we're going to see alot of bloodshed, most of the ships if not all but a raptor will be destroyed - after all, Kara is the harbinger of death.  Earth might get screwed over too altogether.   Bear with me, I'm stretching a bit here.... Anyways, remember that incision that Kara had at the hospital? Well, what they didn't show you was that Kara has been cloned by cylons - hence why she is half cylon, her clone will look exactly like her since it has the exact same human DNA. Confused yet? Well her clone will then be sent through that nebula wormhole back in time and her mom which is alive in the past will adopt Kara as her own daughter.   Aside: wormholes are linked to time travel (look it up on wikipedia) and when Kara "blew up" going in the nebula, what you really saw was the reaction as matter/energy  of the ship was going back in time.  Her ship was brand new when it came back since what you were looking at was that same raptor 20 odd years ago.  But the inside of the ship for very sound scientific reasons was insulated from the time travel.  So anyway... now we see why "This has happened before and will happen again".  Now we see why Kara's "mother" never really gets attached to her - she's not her biological mother.  Who's Kara's mother? Herself?... In the words of Saul on finding out he's a cylon, "woah"  Meanwhile the show will fade out with little Kara drawing her nebula pictures and me being credited as a psychic genius

Mini-theory 4 - the visions are controlled by cylons

Those darn cylons and their mental suggestion powers.  Seems so convenient that Baltar gets visions of Six and these hallucinations give him abilities to see things and secrets that he would likely not be able to perceive otherwise, but that someone with inside knowledge would know. Seems also interesting that these control him like a puppet and make him take action he would not otherwise take.  Something bigger is at work here - the cylons, maybe the 12th cylon only, have abilities to implant suggestions and hallucinations on weak human and cylons alike.  Since some of these occurred away from the Battlestar crew, it makes me think they are not implanted by one individual or cylon, but maybe a specific model.  Six also gets hallucinations, so I would think it's not her model.

Mini-theory 5 - 13th cylon - Baltar??

OK, now this is me really trying to make things happen.  I'm not very confident on this one, but now that I have your attention why not continue to assert the impossible?  We have 12 cylons... or do we?  Is it me or did I notice that the number 12 matched the number of colonies.  But then we have that 13th colony called Earth, it makes me suspect that there is a 13th master cylon called Baltar.  Another 12 is the 12 signs of the zodiac (Greek/Roman), with the 13th being the Sun but I haven't taken time to explore that further and I digress...   Baltar is so cylon, they make him painstakenly have the profile of one.  Cylons don't give up their own as we know - even Athena refused to reveal the other cylons and she was loyal to the fleet apparently, Baltar knew Sharon was one and had a test to detect them yet kept quiet - why? Another thing about those cylons, they really like to sleep with other cylons.  Chief and Sharon, Tory flirting with the chief, Tory had a little fling with Sam most people forgot about, Sharon and Helo (my pick at 12th cylon), Sam and Kara (my pick as half cylon).  If Baltar was a cylon that would solidify that - he's slept with Tory, Kara, Six, D'Anna.  A family that lays together stays together I guess, haha.  Not to mention all the things he's done in previous episodes to mark him as a cylon.  Deciding to settle on that planet like a chump which of course the cylons found so conveniently with his girlfriend's help.


So there you have it my fellow Galacticans, the editorials of one with true psychic abilities. True psychics cannot be discredited until the future comes about and show they are full of BS, but until then... :) I will have this record for Mr. Pal and others to make me the Cassandra of the 21st century.  Here's to an awesome Season 4 and no more US May Long holidays that delay the next episode

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# re: Battlestar Galactica - Revealed!
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Mini-Theory 2: Disagree. It was explicitly said in season 1 that Cylon's CANNOT have children together. Therefore, Helo cannot be a Cylon.

So, if not Helo, who? Felix Gaeta. He has always been in the midst of things, but just under the radar. Never the front line, but just below. He was always on the bridge of the Galactica, he served Baltar as President, he was on the mission to find Earth with Starbuck, serving the resistance on New Caprica... it has to be him. Getting his leg amputated is a great cover - now if only the doctor would do an analysis of his leg...
Left by Kelly on May 28, 2008 9:38 AM

# re: Battlestar Galactica - Revealed!
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Kelly, way to put wrench in my theory! Actually I was dismayed just now to read an interview with Moore:


R: We've never seen a child in Cylon society. Am I right that there are no pure Cylon children?

RM: That's true.


Hmmm, no cylon children? Still does not mean that Helo is the father 100%, but it discredits my paranormal abilities majorly. I will stand by my theory though, but the foundation is leaking and the house could fall down next week. Helo could have staged this all to make us think it was his child when it wasn't.

The no pure cylon child rule kindof takes Cally away too as a possibility. I don't think it's the commander since Boomer wouldn't have shot the final cylon. The president has a different role in the prophecies. So young Adama my next best guess, rebelling and breaking rules to shape the path to Kobol, trying to convince his father to leave humanity to find Earth, a rebel WITH a cause.

I don't think it's Gaeta. He is involved in alot of plot points but they don't demonstrate the profile of a cylon or a plot. He serves but does not influence. They seemed to have killed his character now and he won't be on the bridge, unless his singing means something, like it leads to the halucinations that had Sharon kill that Six. Only thing going for him was that he was part of the resistance as so many other final five cylons and the cylons did not "find out"... or maybe they did but let them be, that's another mini-theory in itself. But in the end analysis, he just doean't sleep around enough ;)

Left by Remi on May 28, 2008 9:52 PM

# re: Battlestar Galactica - Revealed!
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Well, look at that - is it me or is the Helo theory gaining ground! Did Saul actually impregnate a Cylon?

Makes me think - the final five, they're special, are they more human than we think? Maybe that takes care of the inconsistencies.

If all of the mini-theories comes to pass, I'm going to apply for the FPI Psychic squad, I have a gift ;)
Left by Remi on Jun 01, 2008 4:45 PM

# re: Battlestar Galactica - Revealed!
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That depends... what does FPI stand for? Never heard of them... ;)
Left by Kelly on Jun 04, 2008 9:32 PM

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