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This article was forwarded to me by an  antipodean associate of mine. 

It seems that the previous game consoles were able to be hacked and modified to bypass copyrights and other things that the consoles were not meant to be used for.  One quote I really like is:

 "There are going to be levels of security in this box that the hacker community has never seen before." ~  Chris Satchell

Now if that is not a challenge to ruin his day and poke a hole in his ego, then I don't know what is. 

So, you know what the title of the first article is going to be when a 13 year old hacks the console...

“13 year old beats XBox 360's security with nothing more than bubble gum wrapper and 50 cent Cracker Jack decoder ring..”

Although a Microsoft stockholder and working with Microsoft tools on a daily basis, I find things like this artile a bit funny.  What ever can be built by man, can be cracked by man.  Sometimes, I wonder if hackers aren't doing others a favor by keeping the other persons ego in check. 


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