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Now everyone has run in to sharepoint one time or another and it seems that there is a huge demand for it.  I have had the opportunity to run through a DVD training course SharePoint 2003 Development v2.0 by Andre Abramenko.  I would have to say his course is a good one.  Here is the run down of the pros and cons of the course itself..

Content and explainations are very in depth.
He takes time showing the user how to do something, then gives you short labs to re-enforce it.
the .vhd that comes with the course if set up very well and I have had very little problems with it.
He is a good presenter and really knows his stuff.

Throughout the training he is wearing the same shirt and tie.  I know this wasn't produced in one day.
The .vhd is set up with an evaluation version of Visual Studio C# and it ran out Dec 31, 2005 (after the time bomb you can only open it 6 times then you have to load up your own version)
The production of the course sounds like it was produced in a basement.

Don't get me wrong, I would highly recommend anyone who would like to know anything about sharepoint to get this course.  It is much better than reading a book and with Andre's skills he does a terrific job of making the learning fun and simple.  The price is up there at just under $400US, but compare this to anyother course you might take to learn sharepoint in and out and it is a steal.  It contains over 21 hours of content and all of the resources you need to get in to the sharepoint groove.  Plus, you can go through it as many times as you would like; unlike anyother course you might take.

So if you are looking to update your skills with Sharepoint or would like to know the many finer details of it look this course up here.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

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