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While a few people were at work yesterday I was able to get in another beta test for the upcoming new generation of certifications.  The test was listed as below:

Beta Exam 71-529: TS: Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 - Distributed
Application Development [Beta version of Exam 70-529]

Anyhow, here is my interpritation of the test.  Since it was a Distributed test most of the material was centered around Web Services and Remoting.  It was a total of 73 questions long and for the beta it gave a very generous amount of time to answer questions and provide some good feedback. 

Most of the questions were centered around WSE 3.0 and security.  Also there was a good amount of questions on some of the newer features that have been added in 2.0. 

I felt that it was a good test and that many of the questions represented real world examples and concerns.  Of course I am not sure if I passed or failed since it was a beta test and I am not told until after it goes live, but Pass or Fail it was a good test.  Strange as it might sound I actually enjoyed it since it was closely related to real examples and usage.

Even though it is still a bit early if you wanted to get an idea on how to get more information about preparation for the test or areas covered check out the preparation guide here.

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Thanks for your comments. I was one of a number of authors on the exam and we worked hard to make sure that the questions were as reasonable and real-world as possible.
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