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So I was reading through some things to night thinking about all of the different frameworks out there that get a lot of play.  There seem to be a long list.

The question I have is do you regularly use a framework for solution you use or do you just use it when it fit and then on the other solutions attack it with individual designs?

I have been on both sides of the fence and here is how I break it out:

     The framework covers at lease 80% of the needed solution and the other 20% isn't going to be overly complex to implement.
     I can automatically generate most of the code with a code generator or the like.
     The framework is easy to understand and would make it consistant and easier for new hires or beginning developers to understand.

Individual Design:
     Although for the last year or two it seems that I have been doing more of the individual designs, I would say this is a good way to go if you have a situation or solution that just doesn't seem to fit in to the 80/20 rule.
     I also like the aspect of providing an individual design because it makes you feel like you have complete control over the solution and you don't feel like you have to shoehorn the solution in to a framework.

     Granted I don't have experience with every framework, but I am finding that sometime (o.k. most of the time) some individual design sessions get out of hand if they are not carefully monitored and can end up wrapping way too much complexity in to the solution and then making it hard to maintain and also to transfer knowledge on. 

     So I am interested in what frameworks you use, what ones you have used or if you even use one at all?  What has been your experiences?  The reason I am asking is that everything is good in moderation from my experience and also you can't solve every problem with the same solution.  So is there a best of both worlds or is this like another one of those ideals where there is a huge line in the sand?

I will leave you with a great link to a very nice FREE code generation tool.  MyGeneration


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# re: Framework or Individual designs?
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How would you say dependency injection plays into this?

I would say an easier answer would be if it is a shared / common problem domain then go with the framework ..
Left by Greg Young on Apr 24, 2006 6:09 AM

# re: Framework or Individual designs?
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I would have to agree. Also I think that with the overall consistance and maintainability frameworks make good sense comparitivly to individual design. But what I am afraid happens is that many people lean too heavily on frameworks and seem to forget how to design some thing that is outside of the frameworks ability.
Left by Michael on Apr 25, 2006 4:57 AM

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