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Recently, a person commented on another post of mine about turning off Personalization Links and was also wondering as to how to "Turn Off" the View All Site Content" link in the General view of SharePoint Sites.

My reply was this:

>>What I did to get rid of it was modify the Master page for the site.  You see the "View All Site Contents" is >>a hard coded link on the page.
>>The pro to this is that now it is not available for every Tom, Dick and Harry that goes to the site that might >>be a "Viewer" or "Reader", but also for the people that do have contribute privilages, they can still get to >>the functionality on the "Site Actions" dropdown list.
>>It has worked out very well so far.
Now another point to this link is also one way for people to navigate to sites below the current site.  If you happen to do this, then generally it is a matter of good practice to put a Links web part on the home page of your site with any sites that are sitting below it.  That is if you expect people to click to your subsites.  If not, then don't worry about it.
With all of the hype about Security Trimming in SharePoint, it makes me wonder why this wasn't better addressed.
Also, if you have alternative solutions to this I would really like to hear what it might be.
Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:39 PM | Back to top

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