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    Simon Skaria and Umesh Unnikrishnan

This was my second session during the week. It was one in which my hopes were that they would talk about the deployment differences that SharePoint 2010 would have over 2007. I was not disappointed.

So to sum it up a bit:

  • 2010 has a much more flexible model compared to 2007.
  • Improved security model
    • Claims Based Authorization/SAML
  • Better administration with Central Administration and also PowerShell
  • Service Isolation
    • Now the Services that you deployed and configured with 2007's Shared Service Provider are deployed and configured individually. The benefit is that they can be attached to any web application making it possible to split up different services for different web applications. I will try to explain this a bit further later in this post.
  • Services can utilize their own databases instead of all of them using the SSP database like in 2007
  • 2010 has a great story around multi-tenancy.
    • With the isolated services you can assign specific services for the web application to have (as stated above)
    • Also you can create "Feature Packs" (only through powershell (I think))
      • Feature Packs are the ability for you to specify which features the site collection will have available to it. So you can enable and disable features depending on what a client pays for and then assign it to their site collection. This way they don't even see features that are not available to them.

Over and above I think the thing that I am most impressed with is the Service Isolation part. You have the ability to setup services individually (not like the SSP where you had services blocked together) and you can then assign them to web applications. For example, you can set up a services farm that has 2 Metadata Management Services, Search, and etc. Web App 1 could use one metadata management service, while web app 2 utilizes the other one.

I know that it might sound confusing, but think of it like the ability to set up search, metadata services, BCS (business connectivity services), and other services without regard or dependency on other services.

That is enough for now.

Until the next session.


Reference Link:

Service Architecture Explained

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