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“CEOs don’t pay attention to technology unless something breaks down” according to Jim Champy, Chairman of Consulting for Perot Systems.

Michael Krigsman of ZDNET has written about this experiences at this weeks MIT CIO Symposium on a panel discussing ‘Aligning Business with IT’ here. Michael draws the conclusion that improving integration between IT and business requires focus and collaborative effort from both CEO and CIO. However, as with all dances, even starting to address this issue requires two committed partners.

I find it extremely sad that some parts of business see’s IT as a bunch of services that are beholden to their demands or an annoyance that slows them down or stops them from doing what they want to do.

IT is a critical friend to the business not a servant or a disruptive influence. Often all is required is a better understanding between both IT and business and this only comes from talking and listening.

In these modern times it is the smart person that realises that IT is the how business does business.

All to often these days successful businesses have become that way by leveraging and enhancing their IT capability and providing their people with the knowledge to effectively use IT.

Many business leaders would say it’s still all about the money, yes it is … but when was the last time they received a cheque in the mail? Money moves around and in and out of their business electronically in various forms.

CEOs need to understand their organisations IT as much as they understand the products they sell, the business model, the customers & shareholders because IT is the central nervous system of the modern business.

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