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Last week, I started deploying a new DOTNETNUKE project on one of our DEV Server and instantly I got web configuration error.

Scenario: (IIS: Default Web Site is pointing to "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot" Virtual directory. (DOTNETNUKE Project)
Under the default web site I also created another virtual site which was pointing to D:\\Mysite directory. ( project)

Problem: http://localhost/default.aspx was working Ok. BUT http://localhost/mysite/default.aspx through a dotnetnuke error message.

Compilation error

This type of error message made me confused because “Mysite” website was pointing to D:\\mysite directory and I was getting dotnetnuke related error message. It was strange.

Solution: after Google search, I found that the newly created website automatically inherits the root web's config settings. For more info:

Stop Inheritance: <location inheritinchildapplications="false"></ location> web.config tag

"The InheritInChildApplications property represents the inheritInChildApplicationsattribute of a element within a configuration file. Set InheritInChildApplications to false to prevent settings that are specific to a certain location, such as the root directory of a Web site, from being inherited by applications that exist in subdirectories.
The following example shows how to use this attribute in a configuration file to specify that the settings defined in the location element for the root of a Web site should not be inherited by child applications:"

The InheritInChildApplications property applies only to location-specific configuration settings.

Any configuration that's specified within such a location tag, does not inherit down. For example:

<location inheritinchildapplications="false"></location>


This solves the problem. Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 5:44 PM Professional DotNetNuke | Back to top

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