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I feel like these days I’m constantly using reflector to dissect assemblies and [can’t believe I’m going to say this but] opening reflector every time is too much work.  It just means like it’d be a lot easier if I could right click a DLL and select “Open with reflector” – just like I do with 7-Zip and the Tortoise SVN client.  Well…this is how you do that.

Adding the “Open with reflector” to your right-click menu

Open up windows explorer (Windows Key + E)

Go to “Tools” > “Folder Options” & select the “File Types” tab


Look for the DLL extension.  If you don’t have it, and I didn’t, go ahead and add it using the steps below.  If you do have it, then skip the “Adding the DLL extension to your registered file types” section…

Adding the DLL extension to your registered file types

1. Click “New” under the “Registered file types” list

2. Enter the DLL file extension, and select “Application Extension” in “Associated File Type” drop-down.

3. Click “OK” – you’re done.

Step 2:

Back on the “Folder Options” window, highlight the DLL  extension and select “Advanced”.  That should bring you to the “Edit File Type” window below.


Go ahead and click “New” to add a new action.  This will open up the window below.  We will want to add the action text “Open in reflector” and the path to Reflector.  Don’t forget the quotes!


Click “OK”.  Go ahead and navigate to a directory where you’ve got some DLLs.  The finished product should look like this…


Bask in glory.

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