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The next meeting of the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild will be held on June 12th, 2007 at 6 PM in the Midlands Tech Northeast Campus Auditorium. The key presentation topic is Generics. The presenter will be Keith Minder of Logical Advantage. We hope to see everyone at the meeting!


 New Website!


All members and prospective members are asked to please visit the new user group website and complete the user registration. This new website will be the central point to reference user group information and presentation materials. The website address is No personal information will be shared. However, an opt-in option will be included in the future for those that wish to be contacted by sponsors.


Please forward this email to your friends and other developers in our community to help spread the word about our user group.



Meeting Summary

When:  June 12th, 2007 @ 6:00 PM

Where:  Midlands Tech NE Campus Auditorium

Who:  Keith Minder - Logical Advantage

What:  Just Generics

Sponsor: DP Professionals



6:00  Pizza and Networking

6:30  Announcements

6:45  Sponsors

7:00  Presentation

8:30  Closing and SWAG Handouts




Generics are a new exciting feature included in the .net 2.0 framework.  But what is it?  In the grocery store we use the term generic to mean something that is not tied to any sort of brand name.  When we purchase tubes of generic toothpaste we know that we are getting toothpaste and expect it to help us clean and freshen our breath, but we don't know what exact brand will be inside the tubes themselves.  In .net Generics are classes, structures, interfaces, and methods that have placeholders (type parameters) for one or more of the types they store or use.  They are often seen in collections and reusable types and methods that would have used the object datatype in the 1.x framework.  Generics offer many advantages including type safety, better code reuse, no casting required and improved performance.  Come to the meeting to add Generics to your toolbox or to give you ideas on how you can better use Generics.  Steve Willoughby will answer your questions and demonstrate the use of Generics with sample code.  Additionally he will review some methods that utilize Generics that are in the Logical Advantage's code library.


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Kind Regards,

Chris Eargle, User Group President



CEDG Contact Information


Chris Eargle: User Group President


Carnegie Johnson: Membership Services


Wes Benson: Webmaster

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