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The SharePoint Hillbilly Fewer Big Words... More Pretty Pictures...

We had another great SharePoint Saturday DC yesterday, thanks to Dan Usher (@usher), Isaac Stith (@mrisaac), and everyone else who pitched in to put on the event. As usual I presented on “Wrapping Your Head Around the SharePoint Beast”. In case you’ve never seen or heard of it before, this is my ever growing session on the session I wish I would have seen when I was thrown down a deep dark chasm and told to learn SharePoint… I can still hear the evil laughter... To say I hated SharePoint was an understatement, but thanks to this awesome SharePoint community and events like SharePoint Saturday I’m able to get a foothold and start climbing my way out… I even think I see light ahead sometimes before slipping and falling back down the hole… I’ll get completely out some day.  :)

Just to give you a brief overview of my session, I discuss:

  • What SharePoint IS and what can it do for you
  • The importance of Logical Architecture, Information Architecture, and Governance to success in SharePoint
  • What SharePoint development is and what types of development there are(there are several by the way)
  • The good and the bad of SharePoint Designer
  • The importance of creating deployment packages
  • Why the SharePoint community is critical to your SharePoint Success

And that’s not all I discuss… as you can see, there’s a lot there and I hope everyone got SOMETHING out of the session. Unfortunately as I keep learning SharePoint I keep adding slides…  so I don’t always get through all of them.  :)

Lucky for you, there’s this thing called the interwebs and I can post my slides on here for your viewing pleasure:


Thanks again for everyone who attended the session, I’m very glad some of you found it helpful.

I’ll next be presenting this session at Tulsa TechFest on November 12th and  SharePoint Saturday Dallas on November 13th. 

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Enjoyed the presentation Saturday! Thanks for posting the slides.
Left by Justin Zawistowski on Oct 20, 2010 9:54 PM

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