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The SharePoint Hillbilly Fewer Big Words... More Pretty Pictures...

So, this previous weekend was my first trip to New York City in over 15 years and I was not disappointed. I was honored to be accepted to speak at SharePoint Saturday NYC. This event was a blast and a well oiled machine executed by Becky Isserman (@mosslover) Greg Hurlman (@ghurlman) and Jason G (not gonna attempt it, sorry) (@PrincetonSUG) along with an incredible supporting cast of heroes making sure the entire event ran smoothly. You guys did an awesome job.




We started off the event with a speaker dinner at St. Andrew’s pub, and like I said in a tweet, if you aren’t a speaker yet, you really need to start.  I mean, just for the free dinners alone. Smile





The only thing more awesome than the organizers and volunteers were the attendees. I don’t think a Hillbilly has ever felt so welcome in the big apple.  I had a amazing group of people attend my session on jQuery and SharePoint. These guys were engaged, asked the right questions, and even taught me a thing or two. Thanks so much to everyone that attended and participated.

As promised, here is a link to my slides on slideshare:


After the event I had the opportunity  to go to Tatiana Russian restaurant in Brighton Beach. This was quite the experience where I got to taste some great food, hear some great music, and even dance my uncoordinated butt off a little. I made some new friends who helped me learn a few words in Russian as well.  A big “Spaciba” to @michaeltnoel, @innagordin, @marina_noel, and @amaxfromriga for making it an unforgettable night. And special thanks to @pswider for arranging to be picked up in a limo for the drive down.  Also in attendance was @ruveng, @buckleyplanet, @robwindsor, @EUSP, @cmcnulty2000, @NedraAllmond, @amilsark (whom I will never forget that his twitter handle stands for “Andrew Milsark”  and NOT “Amil Sark”  Open-mouthed smile) and a few others that you’ll have to forgive me for not knowing their twitter handles.






Thanks for letting me steal some photos from your Facebook albums Mark Miller and Christian Buckley!! Smile

So, can you tell I had a good time? Again, thanks so much to the organizers, attendees, and everyone else who put up with me last weekend. I hope to come back next year and do it all again.

Next up for me is SharePoint Saturday The Conference August 11th – 13th in Washington DC where I’ll be reprising my SharePoint and jQuery session along with my popular “Wrapping Your Head Around The SharePoint Beast” session. I hope to see you there!!

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Aah my friends and I used to go to Tatiana's fairly regularly for the sat night vodka-fueled dance parties. #jealous #hopeDChassomethingsimilar
Left by Claire on Aug 03, 2011 10:04 AM

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