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March 2011 Entries

QuickTip: Selecting Children from a Parent Item in Linq
I’m posting this here because I keep forgetting the syntax, and thought others might benefit as well. Given : public class ParentItem { IEnumerable<ChildItem> Children } Selecting all the childitem instances from an IEnumerable<ParentItem>: var allChildren = ParentItems.SelectMany(pare... Selecting matching childItem instances from an IEnumerable<ParentItem>: var selectedChildren = ParentItems.SelectMany(pare... ......

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Words of Wisdom

Culture beats Strategy every time.

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How to set x509 Certificate private key access rights for AppPoolIdentity
If your website uses the AppPoolIdentity and requires access to the private key of an x509Certficate, you’ll need to grant the read permissions to the iis application pool. To grant permissions to the AppPoolIdentity: Run Certificates.MMC (or Start->run->mmc.exe, Add Certificate Snap-In for LocalMachine) Select the certificate (Personal node on the certificate tree) , right click and Manage Permissions. Add a new user to the permissions list. Enter "IIS AppPool\AppPoolName" on the local machine". ......

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