So long Microsoft Office Accounting…

It seems that the financial software business at Microsoft is slowly being pushed off the cart. First they discontinue Microsoft Money and now, according to a PC Pro article, Microsoft Office Accounting is getting the boot as well. I found this quote on the Microsoft Office Accounting page:

“Microsoft Office Accounting will no longer be distributed after November 16, 2009.”

I’ll admit its been a while since we did any custom development work using the Microsoft Office Accounting developer tools but still, I am a bit disappointed to see it go. I’m sure the existing customer base and organizations that specialized in helping customers use it are not going to be happy about this.

Have a day. :-|

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# re: So long Microsoft Office Accounting…
Siegfried Rousseau
11/2/2009 2:11 AM
Have a look at Orangeworks Accounting! It is build on Microsoft tools and is the core business so it will never be discontinued!
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