Six Reasons Why Windows 7 Will Win in Business

I came across this PC Mag article and figured I’d share it with you. My primary reason for doing so is to provide additional ammunition to those developers out there who want to upgrade to Windows 7 but management is hesitant to do so. I’ll leave reading the article to you but here are the six reasons stated in the article.

1. Windows XP

2. Stability and Compatibility

3. Aging Hardware

4. Vista: A 3-Year Beta Test

5. Smaller, More Agile Companies

6. Business Demand

To me the most significant item is number 4. I’ve often kidded around with attendees in our training classes, or developers attending my user group, code camp, or conference presentations that I was running a very early beta of Windows 7 called Windows Vista. While I was kidding around of course, I couldn’t have been any more accurate. I believe it took the hammering Vista received in the press for Windows 7 to be the overwhelming success I think it is going to be. Check out the article and let me know what other factors you think will help drive Windows 7’s success.

Have a day. :-|

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11/19/2009 12:05 AM
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11/19/2009 2:07 AM
Windows xp is so far the most stable and compatible operating system Microsoft has ever produced, so there are many people they just continus to use it in the future as far as Windows 7 is stable engouh to be relaible.
How to enahnce Windows 7:
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