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Tangible Thoughts SharePoint, MOSS? and all the other questions

Paschal has a post at dotnetweblogs on a couple ASP.NET lessons learnt.

Just a note to SPS Developers. Dont you think this does not apply to you. One thing you should learn if WebParts are your game, pay close attention to anything that happens in the ASP.NET Custom Server control arena, because they both share the same bloodline.

I took a different approach with regard to sharing SPS lessons learnt. What i did was

  • Got the team to put up a SharePoint Social Meeting workspace.
  • Created tab pages for every relevant category (e.g. .NET, ASP.NET, WebParts, FrontPage, WSS etc.)
  • Had a central SPS List to store all the lessons learnt with a field for the category.
  • Each page had the same list webpart but with filters on the category field.

The idea is something like WSS Faq but more centered around lessons learnt during development

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