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Off of slashdot.

 Rolling stone has an article about Justin Frankel The man behind the digital music revolution (IMO) and the man behind many great things.

When I was at college I used to envy the guys at Nullsoft. As a matter of fact I still do. With all their witty comments, rants, and developing of Winamp. It was absolute green eyed envy. Back in its hay day, I had a really souped up Winamp, with about 200+ skins, and 40 odd plugins. I even tried my hand at skinning, but that didn't last long. And hey 4 stars for a first skin ain't so bad, but the hobby was short lived since fussing over a skin got me on bad terms with PaintShopPro. (Oh btw SpyAMP pro used to be my favorite skin on the Winamp 2.x System).

Aaah! those were the days.

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