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Draft1-(wanted to post this before I forget I was writing this in the first place :) )

Over the past few days I've been playing around with WordML; and I think the possibilities for it from the point of view of an Intranet, are really exciting .

Consider Ian Morrish's example of a WordML document being displayed on a WebPart page. With a few tweaks to the XSLT, you can limit the visible portions of the document to only that neccesary for public view.

Stuff you would need to play around with this idea are Microsoft's XSLT for rendering WordML content.

And of course a good XSLT debugger, I found Xselerator to be quite good (I'd recommend it). In fact I'd rank Xselerator better than XMLSpy with regard to XSLT debugging, although Xselerator can take quite a long while to initialize the debugging process if the XSLT is quite large.

The basic idea is to limit the content shown by the XSLT to all content under a heading which basically means in WordML terms is you'd need to restrict the elements being transformed to the WX:sub-section that corresponds to the portion of the document you want to be displayed.

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