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Recently I noticed a neat fact about the Search Results WebPart; that is how it responded to a failure with the index database, and I think this is pretty cool - "Hats off to Microsoft, for thinking about this"

Consider a situation when the SPS is unable to connect to its Search Indexes, like for instance due to a database corruption, or the configuration database account being invalid, then as a result of this severed connection the search shouldn’t work (obviously), or perhaps give horrendous error messages.

But here’s the cool part; the search doesn’t work (as it shouldn’t), because the Search Results WebPart on the search page (search.aspx) gets automatically (automatically = assumption) disabled.

Putting things back in order follows the basic route of first correcting whatever connectivity issues are present between the database and SPS and then enabling the Search Results WebPart.

I have yet to find an easy way of enabling the Search Results WebPart from its disabled state. After numerous failed attempts to locate the WebPart properties menu in FrontPage or on the browser, I resorted to copying and pasting an enabled Search Results WebPart from a different SPS box via FrontPage.

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2004 2:18 AM SharePoint | Back to top

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