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Recently I have been quite annoyed with FrontPage. Mostly because of it little quirks and bothersome default behavior. Here are a 2 main one that are a real pain to me.

  1. DVWP details are cached, so if you change the DVWP properties, its not going to reflect on the TaskPane untill you close the site and reopen. To me this is Irritation no1. The biggest one of them all. Because if you didn’t know the details were caching you’d be totally at loss as to why your changes do not have any effect. Furthermore closing and opening a site to have DataView details refreshed is just too much to ask for,

  1. When editing a DVWP it is possible to see the xsl html nodes on the very usefull html navigation widget on top of the tabs. The html navigation widget gives you easy access to modify properties of any xsl/html node or edit the tag contents. Now typically when you are editing a plain html or aspx page clicking on a node shown in the widget will take you to that appropriate location in the codeview. Well not if you are editing a DVWP, instead it selects the whole damn DVWP. This behaviour is Inconsistent, and also totally useless, infact its counter productive since if you were editing the DVWP you lost the line number you were at because you clicked on a node in the navigation widget.

Anyone know of any tweaks to FrontPage to sort these ones out.

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2004 8:39 AM SharePoint | Back to top

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FrontPage has a bookmark feature that I use all the time to keep track of where I'm making customizations to the xslt in a DVWP.
Enable the "Code view" tool bar and you get a blue flag which toggles on/off a red dot to the left of the current line of code. There are other tool bar buttons to jump to bookmarks.
Left by Ian Morrish on Dec 10, 2004 6:48 PM

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