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A very nice christmas gift from ATI.

They have released a new version of their catalyst drivers.

I quote from an article about it up at

"Some interesting details emerge in the release notes:

# Driver efficiency has improved considerably for both Direct3D and OpenGL.
# Numerous D3D games show 2-3% gains at low resolution. The small batch size tests in 3DMark05 show improvements as large as 15% on some products.
# In OpenGL, several game titles show improvements in the lower settings. Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, for instance, shows gains as large as 15% in low resolution (driver-bound) cases. Doom III performance improves 5-10% at low settings. Call of Duty improves 5-6%.
# Half-Life 2 performance also improves as much as 20% over Catalyst 4.11 in certain sections of the game. "

Wow thats a reason good enough to upgrade.

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