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After December 25th I haven’t heard a single firework explode. Usually in the run up to the dawn of a new year you would very frequently hear people lighting fireworks. This year it’s all so quiet.

Certain organizations that had organized events for the new years, have gone as far as providing the option of contributing ones ticket fare to the Relief effort in addition to reimbursing it.

I also personally know a lot of individuals who will be heading down South or to the North East this weekend to help with the relief effort.

Btw if you are in Sri Lanka and you happen to notice a white flag flying on a vehicle or on a shop, that flag indicates the owner has lost a relative.

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In Finland too, town after town has said that they will not be having any fireworks or other New Year celebrations this year but will instead be denoting the money.

(Usually to the Finnish Red Cross who have doctors and other medical staff in the disaster area, but also to the usual international organisations depending on the town. Finland too has donated money as a country.)

Here too at this time of night on New Year's Eve (17:31) there are usually the first noises from fireworks starting up, but I haven't heard a single one yet.

Finland isn't as badly affected as any of the other Nordic countries with Sweden particularly badly hit, but figures for even their nationals are nothing compared to the figures for local inhabitants in some of the areas affected.

Here, though, as in Sweden, attention is mainly focused on Thailand and Sri Lanka and Indonesia get little mention.

(and in Thailand the impression seems to be that the local population didn't have as many problems as the tourists because their houses, hotels and businesses were NOT on the sea front).
Left by Mike Walsh Helsinki on Dec 31, 2004 3:33 PM

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