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There's an article on Arstechnica that says that a study has been done that shows the Aero interface in Vista does not affect performance.

I am not digging that too much coz on my Vista Capable notebook (Dell Inspiron 6400 w/ the Intel 945GM Express graphics card & 1GB of RAM) I found that explorer.exe was taking up 35 - 40% of my CPU. Performance was much better after I disabled glass. Glass was enabled by default when I installed Vista, but now I keep it off.

So the bottom line is Aero does affect performance if you don't have the card to handle, i.e. even though the setup might think your machine can handle it, and in fact it might be able to if you just use one application at a time. For anything else if you don't have a good graphics card, forget about glass or you are going to feel a performance lag.

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