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Woah! The last 2 days have been bloody nuisance to me all of which was caused by bloody red-tape from should I say Sri Lankan government departments.

A word of precaution, if anyone one wants to ship a wireless device to Sri Lanka like a wireless router, or a remote control, or any ballyhoo that is termed wireless, beware you would need TRC (Telecom Regulatory Commission) approval to clear it.

The process of getting TRC approval is one where you are totally subjected to everything that can go wrong with 'process'. You will be directed and misdirected from one department to another with copies being made of the documents you are carrying and then being stuffed into files.

Basically a lot of hassle for no reason as wireless routers are available off the shelf in any computer shop.

All of the hassle caused could have been avoided if the government appoints a TRC representative at the customs department.

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when y go to airport in usa you should remove your shoes, belts, puese ,keys , tiepin, coins etc,etc and if necessary must remove yr trouser and under pants.when go to any airport you should fill health decleration ang go through the detecting machine whether y have or not swin flue,why y expect different treatment from sri lankan authorities
Left by asoka kuruppu on Jul 22, 2009 12:18 PM

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