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Well, finally after fiddling and trying everything to partition my single gigantic drive on my laptop for close to 4 hours, I have done it! The drive is finally broken.

I tried using Vista's disk manager utility to partition but with partial success. I got my C drive from 280GB down to 180GB. And when I further try to shrink C, it says total available shrink space is zero! What the heck!

Time to use google and a quick search shows that I am not the only one facing this problem almost half of the world is!

Following some of the advice on the online forums, I went about my tasks one by one, still apprehensive.

1) I tried simple "disk clean-up" but as I expected no use.
2) I tried the Perfect Disk utility, its basically an advanced disk defrag program. I tried several options in it, SmartDefrag, Defrag Only etc etc but still no use.
3) I tried the Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 and I must say, it worked flawlessly! Just move the slider around to select a size and partition, as simple as that! A couple of reboots and you are done!

If you are one of those who is facing the same problem, I suggest you give Acronis Disk Director a try.

Well, I am happy now because I finally got it working.

Man Utd 1 - 1 against Porto, 85 mins into the game, they are playing terribly bad! We need Macheda magic again!

And just as I finish this, Tevez scores! Manu lead!

Porto score in the 89th min.
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