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Hey there! I am back from my short trip and now its time to roll the wheels again. Okay, first thing, I will be stopping any further work on "Crash Marbles" for the time being. Something interesting has come my way and poor crash marbles has to bear the brunt. More details coming along as the picture becomes clear.

Few things that I have to finish before I do anything else:

1) Go through Joel's code project article. Some tips from there surely will help.
2) Watch those win mob videos on "How to write apps for all (read 'most') resolutions" and writing localized apps. Look here.

I got rid of the cpu hogging ObjectDock and installed SlickRun. And I love it. Launch programs from cmd line, create your magic words and auto hide. Very nice.
Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 12:10 PM | Back to top

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