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If this posts, then I've successfully installed a very funky little module on the DotNetNuke framework, called metaPost, which provides Metaweblog API functionality to the DotNetNuke Blog module!

It means that I can use Windows Live Writer, or even Microsoft Word, to post direct to my blog(s)! Anyone running a blog on DNN needs to give this module a try, at least until the DotNetNuke core team build Metaweblog API functionality into the Blog module (which is planned as part of a future release, but you can find other third-party components to do the job in the meantime).

And why did I choose metaPost over digMeta? Because it's free. DotNetNuke is free and open-source, why shouldn't modules be the same? All the modules I'm using on my site are free to use and I'm looking at building my own as alternatives to the ones I don't want to pay for. When I build them, I'll be hosting them on CodePlex for a repository and download centre (to save my poor little virtual server from bandwidth overkill... lol), so (yet again) watch this space!

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Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 2:15 AM DotNetNuke | Back to top

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