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A while back I made a post about the Joel test and how badly my current employer is doing according to it. I've made it a personal goal to help improve my working conditions here as long as I am employed here, and as such I've started tackling weak areas, namely beginning with implementing source control management (SCM).

As I've mentioned in my year wrap-up, we've made great progress in this department. I no longer write code unless I've first created a repository. For older jobs, as I use and update them, I add them to the repository. Slowly, many of our critical projects are making their way into our Subversion based solution.

The reason I went with Subversion is because I currently don't have much pull here. Subversion is free (something management loves hearing) and proved easy to implement. We're using VisualSVN Server for the repository and TortoiseSVN for the client side (checking out, updating and commiting).

My goals have changed from implementing source control to now making sure that any critical and changing code is available and updated to the source control server. Also, I hope we can migrate the server eventually from a spare dev box to an actual server, because I'm having some issues with VisualSVN and the the box suspending or sleeping (namely I can't commit at these times, and have to wake the box AND log in... I thought it shouldn't happen like this since VisualSVN runs as a service).

So altogether, our work environment is improving. Next on my list is something so critical it serves as an assumption rather than a question on the Joel Test, and that is proper unit testing / testing period. This needs to be overhauled here, and I'll be working on it.


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# re: The road to passing the Joel Test revisited
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I understand if it goes into full suspend. But having to log in as well? Why is that necessary if VisualSVN should operate as a service? The suspend is a result of network pushed settings, and I believe that the likelihood of making an exception to those settings is less than just moving SVN to an always active server.

If I'm still sounding dense it very well could be that I am. In which case, where am I going wrong here? I'd like the opportunity to improve on the situation.
Left by Stacy Vicknair on Jan 07, 2009 2:01 PM

# re: The road to passing the Joel Test revisited
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Yep, I've just rechecked. The service is running and starts up when the computer does. If the computer just locks (prior to sleep) it's fine and I can commit.

I'm going to try again after a fresh restart to commit and after a log in and log out. I might be able to isolate the behavior and be certain it only happens after the computer suspends.
Left by Stacy Vicknair on Jan 07, 2009 2:29 PM

# re: The road to passing the Joel Test revisited
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Yeah, under all conditions other than upon waking after sleep the commits work fine. Meh.
Left by Stacy Vicknair on Jan 07, 2009 2:52 PM

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