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I’ll tell you, I never imagined it would happen this quickly, but I was nominated for the first time this quarter and also received the MVP Award for my contributions online and offline to the VB.NET community. I’m very honored and very thankful to everyone involved in getting me mobilized within the community, including Zain Naboulsi, J Sawyer and PJ Forgione (who nominated me). Also, I’d like to give some thanks for other great individuals I’ve met through becoming active in a great community: Jeff Julian, Andrew Duthie and David Silverlight.

Now, the award is for what I’ve done over the past year and my involvement in the community for that period. I’ll have to say I’m just getting started here, and I hope that I can bring some more to the table, enough to make them wonder why they gave it to me already when I earn it doubly so next time around *wink*.

So, I want to talk about my motivations (once again) and talk a little about this coming year as an MVP. Here are my goals:

  • Keep giving VB.NET the love it deserves.
  • Energize online communities for the coming of F# to Visual Studio 2010.
  • Promote the creation of groups, both online and offline, and help develop resources for those who are looking to do so.

I’ll be honest, if you read through my blog, you’ll notice I’m not a developer who’s been working for years. I’m a lowly junior dev, a self proclaimed master of nothing with a passion for what I do. If I had to ask myself why I was nominated and why I was selected, I’d have to reply that it is because I’m passionate about development and I believe in VB.NET as a language. I’m a mover with my own goals and my own schedule of what I want to learn. I’m not a master of anything in particular, but I’m an energizer, a catalyst. I want to learn, and I want to share what I’ve learned in a collaborative way.

So, if we cross paths, let’s learn together. Maybe I can give you a fresh perspective on something, and most likely I’ll walk away having learned something as well. The real result is that by us crossing paths, by us blogging and telling others, we create a network of shared information. We aren’t giving out trade secrets and we shouldn’t feel like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by sharing the info instead we should feel as if we are furthering our field for the better, through increased awareness and shared practices.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you guys around!


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