Waclaw Chrabaszcz
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April 2013 Entries

CMD – how to install apps from UNC path

There is a very old and useful command: pushd. Take a look how to use it.

pushd \\fileserver\AppShare\Installers\Software
change user /install
15186-AdbeRdr11000_en_US.exe /sPB /rs
"Firefox Setup 16.0.1.exe" -ms
change user /execute

How to install Citrix Excalibur

To install Delivery Controller: "D:\x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopServerSetup... /noreboot /quiet /configure_firewall /components CONTROLLER,DESKTOPSTUDIO,DE... To install desktop or server agent (reboot is required to install TS role): "D:\x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopVDAsetup.exe" /quiet /components VDA,PLUGINS /controllers excalibur.testdomain.net /enable_remote_assistance /enable_remote_management /enable_hdx_ports Have I seen it before? … hmm … ......


Matrioshka this is a traditional Russian doll, or rather traditional Russian dolls where each doll contains a smaller-one inside. Some time ago I had my first romance with Linux, and I was really blasted by compiz effects. I want them ! … But I have to work on my corporate Windows. Moreover I cannot imagine myself in my professional live without Outlook, Visio, and so many Windows apps. Let's say straight: I am and I will always be a Windows guy. So … I have to give up … No … there is no spoon ! ......