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SCCM, MDT and SCVMM – How to convert VHD into WIM

Monday, September 1, 2014 1:23 PM

It is not possible. Due to obvious reasons, VHD is it a dynamic structure like a SQL database, whereas WIM is closer to ZIP file – very static and designed for conserving the storage space by compression and links to duplicated files.

What we can do else? We can capture VHD state to WIM. I'm going to perform this operation on Windows 7 machine, so unfortunately this time no PoSH commandlets like Mount-VHD. We will need imageX command, maybe you will need to download and install Windows AIK


Since we need to execute multiple DiskPart commands, we will have to rely on answer files:


diskpart /s attach.txt
imagex /compress maximum /check /scroll /boot /capture F: C:\TEMP\Win7.wim "Win7syspreped"
diskpart /s detach.txt


select vdisk file="C:\TEMP\Win7.vhd"
attach vdisk


select vdisk file="C:\TEMP\Win7.vhd"
detach vdisk

Now you can compare file sizes J


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