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Gizmox published a new case study showcasing the reasons of TYCON South America for choosing Visual WebGui RIA Development Platform as the core platform for the Web UI and the development process.

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Using Visual WebGui allowed TYCON South America to deliver the new Telemdicine Second Opinion solution faster than expected saving time and resources due to the easy and quick implementation process of the existing WinForms code. The original plan to convert the WinForms generated code to web was a 5 month/man effort. With Visual WebGui TYCON completed the job using only 1 developer for 1 month.

"With Visual WebGui we were able to build an agile and secure web user interface that meets the requirements of our customer in terms of functionality and time-to-market Interface" Ariel Schwindt CEO of Tycon S.A.

Read the full showcase: A Telemedicine Second Opinion application developed on Web with 1 developer in 1 month Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:49 AM | Back to top

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